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firing up tomorrow's impact technology

Market and customer experience advisory

Fueled by decades building communities

Cities x Technology x Resilience

Scalable solutions for the world’s pressing challenges of urbanization -
Financial inclusion,
Climate solutions,
Proptech empowering small businesses, and
Digital city infrastructure,
all have the power to enable competitiveness and economic security for billions.

Join the Philippines Accelerator

115 million population,
half under 25 years old,
>60% smartphone penetration,
>60% on digital payments,
1.7% CAGR natural growth rate,
>$12,000/capita GDP in
15M strong Metro Manila
The Philippines is a startup playground, and we are helping fintech, proptech, climatech, and other impact founders access this market.

Find out how CRUXBL PH can be your launch pad.

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The Cruxbl value proposition

Impactful Storytelling

Now more than ever, customer-centricity is not just about functionality and design.
Customers and investors want purpose and mission woven into product, company, and founders.
Our forte is to draw out the moving narrative that sets your startup apart from the pack.

Market Insights

We draw upon decades of insights from building communities across public and private sector, in cities and countries across the most demographically booming places on Earth.
We unlock for you insights into commercial property, socioeconomic development, physical and digital infrastructure, and climate adaptation.

Untraditional Ecosystem

With a confluence of proptech, climatech, fintech, and digital cities, you have at your fingertips the kind of partnership and collaborative potential not found in traditional venture capital and startup accelerators.
While valuation is important, so are meaningful impact and cashflow-positive results.

Our Collaborations

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