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About our Company


About Us

We are Swavalambhi Enterprises and our job involves cleaning 🚿 of drinking water tanks in Mangalore, Surathkal, Derlakatte, Udupi area.
We started Tank cleaning operation in December 2012 and in
4125 days
because of our staff members 👷 and customers we have steadily made a healthy client portfolio.
We do tank cleaning by scientific means and if you are planning to do cleaning (which you must do at least every 6 months) please call or email, w

Our Advantages:

All our employees are availing the facility of ESI and EPF.
Latest state of the art imported equipment
Systematic service records of tank cleaning operations.
Trained staff
Use of Anti-bacterial agents that are effective, safe and eco-friendly.

Our process involves:

💦 -Mechanical De-watering
🛀 - High pressure cleaning of walls and bottom floors
🗑️ - Sludge removal
💉 - Anti-bacterial spray


Frequent Asked Questions

What types of tanks do you clean?

We clean all types of drinking water sump and overhead tanks viz. RCC, Polyethylene etc.

How much time does it take to clean the tanks?

Cleaning time depends on the following factors:
Availability of water in tanks: At the time of our cleaning if the water level is kept below foot level then the cleaning process is faster. Most of the time taken for cleaning is for emptying the tanks.
Electricity: Availability of alternative power source like Generator set helps in preventing down time.
Availability of pit or drain valve in the tanks: Availability of these 2 features helps in emptying the tanks by almost 95% of water. In absence of either of these features it takes greater time in dewatering.

Do you clean standalone overhead reservoirs?

Yes we have cleaned such tanks but we also look for the safety aspect of our fellow workers before agreeing to do it.

We do not know the tank size; will you be able to provide it?

Yes, we roughly calculate the tank size and quote, after cleaning we provide the actual dimensions and tank capacity to customers.

I have an overhead and underground tank, which tank should be cleaned first?

First underground tank and then overhead tanks

How do you quote?

We have a standard price list for Mangalore city limit which includes
Time taken for cleaning AND Time taken for making the payment.
Any change in the above factors affects the above price.

For any queries regarding Tank please feel free to :

Call on : 9886627879 or E-Mail: . We will be happy to assist you….

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