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Task and Project Manager

How to use this doc

Start by adding your own personalized tags to
. Do not remove or rename Urgent, Hold or Follow Up as these are used in filters.
New Tasks
There are 2 ways to create new tasks:
and click the Add Task button
Use , click on PUBLISH FORM, Create Link, then copy this link. You can paste this link into your favorite web site to allow anyone with access to that page to create new tasks. You can use the link anywhere you can use a URL. I like to put it in the Windows Edge Dock so I can just click it and get a new input form right on the edge of my screen!
I also like to have a page on my personal home pages where I can easily add things.
There are many filters for selecting which tasks you can view. Play with them.
There are many different ways to view your tasks
Your tasks can have sub tasks. Create them right in the task itself! You can check off those tasks either in the main Task view or you can always go to the and edit tasks from there.
Want to make a sub task a main task? No problem. Go to , edit the task and click the Promote to Task button.
Is your task getting larger and needs to become a project? Simple, just edit the task and Click Make Project. Now you can use the page to gather more information for projects and assign tasks to projects.
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