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Susan M Davis

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Work History

Work History
Park Avenue Technologies, Inc.
1/97 - 2/08
Davis & Associates, Intl.
3/96 - 12/96
Technical People, Inc.
3/96 - 7/96
Lansink Consulting
7/95 - 3/96
Dr Pepper/Seven-Up Corporation
MIS Analyst
12/93 - 7/95
Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
6/93 - 12/93
Advanced Data Systems
3/93 - 5/93
Software Solutions
10/92 - 3/93
Computing Management Associates, Inc.
Senior Development Engineer
11/91 - 10/92
Decision Consultants, Inc.
5/91 - 11/91

Mind the Gap

What have I been doing since 2008? Why the gap? I’m glad you asked.
On Valentine’s Day 2008 my husband and co-owner of Park Avenue Technologies, Inc. committed suicide. That left me a widowed, homeschooling, mother of six and some tough decisions to make. At that time my children were 14 months, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 14 years old. Fortunately, my husband did leave us with a decent life insurance policy so I made the decision to close our consulting business and focus my time on raising our six children. Although I had always worked and managed the children, the home and the business and even homeschooled all six of our children, the added stress of suicide, becoming a single parent, etc. were more than I wanted to juggle at that time. It was a difficult decision to give up a business we spent years buliding but it was the right decision for our family.
However, just because I dedicated the last 13 years to raising six children does not mean that I have not been keeping my skills sharp. When you are a career-minded individual you can’t just stay home with the kids. Over the last 13 years in addition to educating all six of my children through high school, teaching drivers ed to the first 4 of them, and managing the day-to-day things of life and many volunteer opportunities I’ve been involved in, I have kept my skills more up to date by doing the following:
Completed courses in HTML, Java, and SQL
Currently taking a course online in psychology and hypnotherapy.
Written numerous Sharepoint sites for our homeschool.
Worked with several non profit organizations.
Created various web sites for myself and others.
Constantly testing new productivity apps that come out.
Done some beta testing for various companies.
Created hundreds of automations using various apps including Zapier, Integromat, Power Automate, IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home and several other PC based apps.
Developed dozens of Docs in Coda.
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