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This doc is based on book, , Understanding the Keys to Personal Success. I found Andy’s style to be entertaining as well as educational. I wanted to work on learning the principals he teaches in his book so I made this little doc to reinforce that and to ask myself the questions Andy asks in the book.

This is not designed to replace reading the book but as a place to work through the Seven Decisions after reading the book. These words are not mine. These are the affirmations Andy teaches in the book. Please purchase his book or the audio version of his book to fully understand these affirmations.


Outlines seven key decisions that can determine the amount of success in a person's life, and describes how to properly make these decisions to achieve success.

You can start here ➡️

There are exercises to ask yourself under each Decision. You can work through each affirmation.
There are questions and exercises for each decision. Use this as your personal journal.
When you are ready to implement these affirmations in your life, use the Daily Affirmations page to quickly go through all 7 affirmations each day. You can either just read the short statement and remind yourself of it’s importance and meditate on that decision, or click the button and re-read the affirmation.
You can dig deeper and use the Becoming a Pioneer page(s) to do a deeper introspection into your life and goals.
Most importantly, I hope this gives you some idea how you can take a book and use Coda to help you apply the principles to your life! Taking notes in Coda and reinforcing what you are reading, listening to, and learning and then turning that into a daily practice using something similar to this layout can help you build healthy practices into your life.

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