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- RnD Nawadata akan selesai evaluate new field akhir May - This initiatve counted as enhancement - Ada charge penarikan data baru - Runthrough each XML tagpoing - Has it been ETL'ed to OneFCC or OneRR - If yes, no need to do additional ETL - Joint Account - APakah redbank ada indicator di datalake atau core? - Review GoAML 5.2 document sent by Nawadata - Bu Nunung will send doc - Need to test other pelaporan in production - Discuss internal - Transaction Monitoring via API (Discuss with ops) - CRS domestic (Find owner who can use this)

- New GoAML 5.2 will be estimated to be implemented on 1st January 2024 - June 2023 will be targeted to be ready - Need separate discussion for GoAML 5.2
- Search up Canary release - Define rollback SOP - Every change has to go to CCB
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