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CNC Tool Library

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How it Works

On the page, you can add in any tools that you have for your CNC.
When you add a tool you’re prompted to add the following information:
Cutter Type
Cutting Diameter
Cutting Length
Shank Diameter
Tip Angle
Feel free to omit any fields you don’t need/use, none of them are required!
Once you have an entry in , you can go ahead and choose Add under Cut Settings. From here, you will be prompted to input any cutting parameters and speeds/feeds you need for this tool, which will then be stored in . If you’ve already added the settings for a tool, this button will instead show those values for you to reference or edit.
There aren’t any units built in to the doc, I just used inches. Feel free to use millimeters if you’d like, just remember to modify the line at the bottom of !

Table of Contents

This page stores all of the tools that you’ve added. I designed this with the intent to use with the Coda mobile app, so I have the default view set to Cards.
This can all be filtered and grouped using any of the parameters, making it easier to find a tool that will fit your needs.

This page stores all of the speeds/feeds that you’ve added for each bit. This is in table view, since I intended for these settings to be viewed using the button from .
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