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Adding gcal to doc.png
Add Google Calendar to doc
Coloring rows unique colors.png
Applying unique colors to every row in a table
Coloring alternating rows.png
Coloring alternating table rows
Creating open link button.png
Creating an “open link” button
Creating open row button.png
Creating an “open row” button
Dynamic table titles.png
Dynamic table titles
Clickable image navidation buttons.png
Creating clickable image navigation buttons
Slack autmations.png
Sending a task update message with Slack or MS Teams
Template-2 (1).png
Intro to AI Columns
Intercom pack (1).png
Introduction to the Intercom Pack
Template-1 (2).png
Using AI with the Intercom Pack
Created on date columns.png
“Created on” date column
Last modified by column.png
“Last updated by” column
Last modified column.png
“Last updated” column
Canvas link options.png
Canvas link formatting options
Card display options.png
Card display options
Detail view options.png
Detail view display options
Workin in progress pages.png
Handling work in progress pages
Workin in progress rows.png
Handling work in progress rows
Snowflake pack.png
Introduction to Snowflake Pack
People column tutorial.png
People column configurations

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