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Content library interactive guide

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Creating a content library

The complete, interactive guide to using Coda for documentation
A content library is an umbrella term used to describe any use case that is a centralized repository that stores and organizes various types of content. Many use cases can fall into this category, some popular ones being:

Company or team wikis
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Library of assets
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Resource sections of team hubs
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New hire onboarding guides
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Process documentation
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Using this guide

New to interactive guides?
This is an interactive guide that will walk you through creating any use case under the content library umbrella, from scratch. Part 1 will guide you through creating the structure of your library and part 2 will help you build the content.

The experience is broken up into two stages, to be completed in order.

Doc structure

In part 1, you’ll decide on a library structure and create the bones of your doc.

Creating content

Part 2 is all about creating the actual content that lives in your library.

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