Positioning Strategies

Positioning Strategies
25 positioning Strategies
Dramatize the benefit
Does your brand deliver against a relevant consumer need or want by providing either a benefit that is new to the category, a new level of benefit or a new combination of benefits
Be part of the culture
What cultural or sub cultural movements could our brand tap into or reference to position itself? What are the relevant core beliefs, values, and behaviors that define this specific culture, and how can your brand leverage those
Tell your Creation story
Does a compelling story arise from the way the product is made? How is it made and by whom? What ingredients, components, or processes are being used?
Romance the Brand's origins
Where does your brand come from? What explicit or implicit meanings are associated with this origin that you could reference to enhance the appeal of your brand?
Brand Archeology
What communications icons are associated with and have made the brand successful? What emotions do consumers associate with the brand and what stories do consumers and employees share about the brand?
Identify an enemy
What threat (real or imagines, conscious or unconscious) could your brand mitigate in your consumer's lives? Are there some negative consequences for not using your brand or category? Can you dramatize (visualize, name) this threat to make it more tangible for consumers?
Disrupt the category conventions
What are the generally accepted rules for how your category operates? Which ones could you break to change the category dynamics and the way your brand is perceived?
Shared values
Which core values driving your brand's actions and behaviors would best match the core values of your customers? Looking at those two sets of core values, what narratives and positioning territories emerge?
Claim the gold standard
What is collectively understood and accepted to be the "ideal" your category has to offer? What associations does it trigger? How can your brand make a claim, offer a use or position itself in relation to this ideal?
Resolve a category paradox
What are the biggest consumer frustrations in your category? What is biggest problem in your category that your brand can help resolve?
Romance the way the product works
Can a focus on how your product works and delivers its core benefits elevate your brand or allow it to stand apart from its competitors?
Give meaning to a perceived weakness
If your brand currently has a real or perceived weakness that acts as a barrier to consumption, what meaning can you associate with this weakness that could turn it into strength or benefits?
Overcome consumption barriers
What barriers (real or perceived) are preventing consumers from purchasing or using your brand, and how can your brand help overcome those?
Let experts tell your story
Who would be the most authoritative (or memorable) expert you could call on to share your brand's story? Is there independent research that validates your claims?
Identify the brand's defining attributes
What attributes do consumers find most distinctive and appealing in your category, or for your brand? Which of those can your brand benefit from by credibly claiming, focusing on or linking to?
Torture Test
Can you demonstrate the value your product provides to your everyday consumers by showing how it reacts under the most challenging circumstances?
Create a sense of scarcity
Can the scarcity and exclusivity of any aspect of your brand story elevate your brand's appeal?
Tap into consumer rituals
How does your brand fit into your consumer's existing rituals? What emotional transformation do they go through those during those rituals? How can your brand become a believable part of those rituals?
Leverage the usage context
Where do consumers consume or use your brand and what expectations, associations (both positive and negative) and opportunities does this environment provide? What emotions (positive or negative do people typically feel in those moments?
Dramatize the Reward
What needs and wants drive consumers to chose your brand? How does your brand help consumers improve their lives? Are those needs and wants physiological, functional, emotional, psychological, or social?
Identify the brand's purpose
What's your brand core reason for being? Why was it launched originally? How does your purpose tie back to an unmet consumer need or something that is of significant relevance or your consumer?
Stimulate your senses
How is your product experienced through the senses? How does this affect the ways people perceive, feel about and interact with your brand? Can these sensory experiences be tied back to the brand's benefits?
Create a Brand Ritual
Can a set of ritualized behaviors be associated with your brand that would I've it increased meaning or emotional resonance with your consumers?
Celebrate the ingredients
What are the key ingredients and components that make up your brand? Think of those that help differentiate it and, ideally, support its core benefit. Or, is the product maybe defined by a lack of ingredients?
Identify the brand's archetype
What core motivations and desires do your consumers try to satisfy by using your category in general and your brand in particular? Which archetype best corresponds to this set of desires? What characteristics define this specific archetype?
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