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Iron Helm Stats

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Welcome to Iron Helm Stats!

This interactive doc gives you an easy way to track all important Iron Helm tokens during the game, and allows for quick scoring at the end of a dungeon run.
You have 2 choices of page to play from, the original page, or the page, which removes the progress bars and has a smaller width for smaller phones.
Choose the name of your character in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
Click the green
Load Character
Decide if you will purchase any items from the Trapping deck, and then set your starting Encumbrance.

You’re done!

How to Play with Iron Helm Stats

Load Character
button sets all tokens to the correct value for your chosen character, including the maximum energy / health / encumbrance.
Each key token in the game is represented by the icons below for easy reference.









* Note Morale is only used with the Henchmen Expansion Pack.
buttons for each stat gives you an easy way to add/subtract tokens, AND you can also simply drag the
progress bar if you find that easier.

How do I edit my maximum health/energy/encumbrance?
If you need to adjust the maximum value of a stat (for example, a plot card gives you a higher max encumbrance), simply click the
button at the top, which will toggle into “Editing Mode” where the
buttons change the maximum stat value, rather than your current total.
Click the
button one more time to return to normal play.

How to Score with Iron Helm Stats

Click the 🏆 End Game Scoring 🏆 section at the bottom of the page to expand the final scoring section.
You only need a couple more pieces of information for a complete auto-scoring of your game!
Enter the correct numbers of enemies defeated, the gold value of your remaining Loot/Potions/Trappings, the Dungeon level you reached, and your position on the morality track.
This doc will handle the rest, showing you a breakdown and total of your final score!
If you want to save your own copy of this doc...
Click this button
Copy this doc
. If you don’t make your own copy, your changes will be lost if you close the tab. But that’s fine if you’re only doing a single play of Iron Helm!
Bookmark your copy (I like to save it to my Homescreen as an icon), so you can come back to your own copy that stores your info.

Who am I?

I’m Steve Simon, an enthusiastic maker in, based in Washington DC. You may not believe it, but I built this entire webapp from scratch in less than half a day. Coda is an incredible no-code product, to the point that I’ve made it a career to build and teach people to build Coda docs 🤩
I’m planning to expand this webapp to allow for full tracking of single character in a campaign across dungeons, and to save a so you can memorialize key stats of those who have fallen in battle. Win or lose, your past plays deserve to be remembered!
If you’d like to be notified when I push this major update, just drop your email below! This isn’t a mailing list, this is just literally me emailing you when I make V2 public 😉
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