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Free Advice on Parenting

Hello, fellow parents. This is my pile of thoughts and experiences on being a parent. I am by no means an expert. This advice is worth every cent you've paid for it.
Be Prepared - Preparation is important. It will be much harder to get this or that once things get started.
Call Reinforcements - See if you can have family members around after delivery. We had our parents stay with us. My parents came for a while, then my wife's parents. Having more hands on deck will be a huge help.
Consider Names Carefully - I have pretty strong opinions on kids' names. Here are some of them.
Don't make up a name.
Don't change the spelling of a name.
Don't pick a trendy name. There are charts that showing the trendiness of names. Check those to see if your candidate name is too popular. I had a class with three Jennifers. Two of them had the last name Smith.
The birth certificate name should be the full name, not a diminuitive or shortened version. It should say Elizabeth, not Beth or Betty. William, not Bill or Billy.
Be wary of names from pop culture. I suspect some parents are regretting naming their daughter Danerys.

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