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PRD: Add “Only for You” Feature in Homepage.

Adding new feature on Homepage to make it easier for user to shop their usual items.
Lola Tseudonym
Yuhki Yamashita
Mary Jones
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May 18, 2020

Problem Alignment

The Problem

Based on the In-depth Interviews we have conducted with 75% of our users, around 60% of them find it difficult to find the products they have purchased before. As they find it more convenient to shop quickly from their last purchase than to browse and scroll through all the categories, if we can solve this problem, it will make our users feel more comfortable to shop for their usual purchased items, we can accomplish our KR to increase user retention.
Reach : Returning users who’s already completed at least 1 transaction.
Impact : if we could make the process easier for our users to reorder their usual purchased items, it could make our users to do the transactions right away without having to search their needs through categories or do a specific search for items they need one by one.

High-level Approach

To increase our company’s KR to increase retention, we need to increase the number of users who complete their transaction journey until completed. And to make it happen we want to add a new feature “Only for You” which will be located on Homepage, the feature will provide personalized recommendastion system based on user shopping history. As the feature will be placed on the homepage, right on top of the categories placement, it is expected to be our users’ eye-catcher so they can make direct transactions in one click.

Goals & Success

Success Metrics:
Increase retention rate by improving transacting user experience
# of Retention Rate # of Total Transactions # of MAU clicking new feature # of Transactions made from new feature
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