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SpringBoard: Ultimate Team Meeting


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SpringBoard is a Toolkit Series designed to help teams make strategic leaps forward.
Each kit comes with a ready-made session you can use with a small team to navigate complex challenges with confidence.
Explore a challenge with your team in just 90 minutes
SpringBoard Micro is designed to be the Ultimate Team Meeting. It combines the best tools from the full into a 90-minute session you can use with your team to:
Introduce new ways of working to your team
Explore a new challenge you need to make progress on, fast
Tackle a challenge within a project you are working on
Access ready-made resources
Within this kit, you will find a:
Guide: Minute-by-minute agenda, detailed facilitator notes, facilitation tips and mindsets
Template: A pre-made, ready-to-facilitate Miro boards you can add to
Checklist: Tips for planning, preparation and follow up
Playlist: Custom-made Spotify soundtracks for your session
Feedback: Share your experience or submit improvements
Use all 6 kits to tackle a challenge end-to-end
Discovery Kit - Get a birds-eye view of your challenge
Focus Kit - Identify the most valuable problems to solve first
Ideation Kit - Uncover new high-potential solutions
Prototype Kit - Make solutions tangible
Interview Kit - Learn what users really need for a solution to work for them
Action Kit - Plan new experiments to test ideas in the wild
Designed by Sprint Valley
Meet , a fluid team of subject matter experts and some of the world’s leading creative thinkers. We use behavioural science and design thinking to help teams overcome complex challenges so they can leave work proud and arrive home happy.
Our work combines consulting with coaching for results that stick. We don’t want to just solve a challenge—we want to equip a team to solve all the challenges to come. SpringBoard is designed to help you do just that.
Clients include: Nike, McDonald’s, Intel, Virgin Atlantic, Br
Meet Springboard's Design Team
Luke Battye.png
Luke Battye
Managing Partner
Ann Padley.jpg
Ann Padley
Innovation Consultant
Peter-Paul Oldenzeel
Innovation Consultant
Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 14.29.27.jpg
Dr Bo Kelestyn
Innovation Consultant
Spencer Ayers
Innovation Consultant
Maaike Mintjes
Innovation Consultant
Lauren Dixon
Innovation Consultant
1601474198363 (2).jpg
Atticus Bowring
Special Projects Lead
Tommy Mason
Digital Designer
Sarah Kelly
Innovation Consultant
Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 14.51.23.jpg
Jenny Millar

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