And Miles To Go!

Obsession to improve customer experience

I had a “dramatic” week as I delivered an 8 hour long talk on customer service and building loyalty to about 75 participants in an organisation. It was amazing because we had some really inspiring customer stories that were exchanged. I am writing about it here as one of our core values is “Obsession to improve customer experience”.
This was my first “in person” [not a zoomed one] stand all day 8 hour plus talk in 6 months, thanks to 2nd wave of the pandemic. I was a little nervous for two reasons: Firstly, I lacked practise and I wasn’t sure if I my health would permit me with that kind of energy and enthusiasm required throughout the day in front of that many participants.
I started skeptically and in a few minutes, I knew I would be able to reach the hearts of most people assembled. The reading that I do, personal experiences - all of that came handy. At the end of the day, on a personal evaluation I would say I did reasonably well however it was evident to me [might not be to the participants] that I lacked practise. As my adrenaline rush settled post the program I almost fell ill. My throat dried up, I wasn’t able to speak and the next day I developed breathing issues to the extent that I needed oxygen support. Thats why I wrote the week was dramatic. Anyway as the saying goes, “All that is well ends well”.
During the talk, there was an Aha moment!. A flash thought that occurred to me and I spoke about it too. In business, we treat customers well and take their feedback seriously, right?. What if we looked at every person with whom we interact in our life as a customer? - family members, friends, colleagues, manager etc
One thing for sure will happen. We would never take any of these people for granted. When we do that, our experiences in life will not only be different but I guarantee we will see a transformation in ourselves. Other people’s perception about us will certainly be very positive. One more caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis feeling.
At Span there are various initiatives & steps being taken to redefine your experience as an employee [I mean as a customer]. The fresh desk ticketing system is one such measure and if used well this can be an outstanding tool to resolve any of your issues quickly or even get escalated when not addressed in time.
Within the HR team, the feeling that every one of you is a customer is starting to catch up. I would say we are all internal customers to each other. We are serving each other to serve the end customer. Isn’t that true?
Here’s one of my all time top customer service quote: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”.
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