And Miles To Go!

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Chinese bamboo tree.

Our 5 core values and their subsets inspire me each day. To look at them & do a self check is an amazing way to excel.
For example, the question whether we have been high octane and zealous at the end of a day should drive us to do better the next day.
As Robin Sharma says, “Small acts of greatness each day will fetch you a Tsunami of success
I want to talk about hard work with the analogy of Chinese bamboo tree.Some of you may have read this but it's always an extra dose of motivation to read again.The Chinese bamboo tree teaches us a lesson.
Once it is planted, in-spite of regular watering, adding fertiliser, it does not show any signs of growth in the first four years. Suddenly in the fifth year, the sprout starts growing at an astonishing pace, 15 feet per week and in the next six weeks reaches a height of 90 feet.
In the first four years, the little tree was growing under the surface, developing a strong root system to support its outward growth in the fifth year and beyond.Had the tree not developed this unseen foundation, it could not have sustained its future tall structure.In life too, the results do not come without deep concerted effort and hard work.
Here’s a small success tip: Don't look for small gains. Keep investing your time, energy and efforts in the opportunity that you have now. Success will ensue.

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