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In this page we will be discussing about all the necessary setup you would need to start with your Data Science jouney.

: Slack will be your primary source of communication. It is much more than just a communication channel and is widely used by working professionals throughout the world.

: This distribution comes with all the necessary setup required to start your journey with Jupyter notebook, Spyder IDE and all the necessary libraries pre installed.
Git and Github : To showcase your projects, it is necessary for you to create a profile as well as install
in your system.
Understanding Version Control System
You can follow the advance tutorial on as well.
In sprint 4 we have covered the concept of git and github end to end, but you will need some basic setup to start your journey especially the CA-sessions for which the necessary setup is as follows:
Setting up a github profile:
Downloading and installing git in your systems
Registering with git
Cloning a repository
Jupyter Notebook : It is an interactive environment where you can code and built notebooks. It comes inbuilt with .
: It works similarly to a Jupyter notebook but is stored in a drive with a lot more useful options. This playlist will help you get started with the basics as well as some tips and tricks
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