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Today’s $20B+ specialty therapy commercial and access infrastructure is manual, siloed, and difficult to scale. Lifelink Systems equips pharma manufacturers with omnichannel, personalized digital agents that drive therapy pull through, accelerate time to fill, and avert post-fill abandonment.

Problem and Opportunity

Specialty therapies are the most valuable and fastest growing sector of life sciences (
CAGR, $500B market), but post-approval commercial ops and access infrastructure are outdated, creating inefficient outcomes and slow feedback loops for manufacturers.
Limited ability to equip HCPs and patients with self-serve guidance on therapy benefits and access
Current Solutions: Ad Spend, Agency-Created Digital Assets, Field Reps/MSLs ($10B/yr)
High barrier to prescription (complex enrollment, limited distribution networks, etc.)
Current Solutions: ePrescribing Networks, Portals, Field Reps ($2B/yr)
Complex, multi-stakeholder BV/PA/fulfillment workflows that lead to Rx abandonment and delay
Current Solutions: Hubs ($10B/yr)
Slow feedback loop to improve and optimize issues along the therapy journey
Current Solutions: Internal analysis of claims data, hub reporting ($2B/yr)
Current solutions are falling short, costing each Top 50 manufacturer $50M+ per year in lost revenue:
70% of patients do not enroll in patient support
50% of patients abandon therapy after prescription
15 days and 10 agent calls to achieve first fill
90% of agent calls are fully scripted and routine
70% of patients don’t pick up the phone from unrecognized numbers, email open rates <20%, and <15% of HCPs/patients onboard onto apps and portals
We’re at the beginning of a massive shift away from traditional call center/agent-driven workflow – HCPs and patients increasingly prefer digital communication, hubs have negative Net Promoter Scores, and manufacturers are frustrated with current solutions. We believe 80%+ of all HCP and patient agent interactions can be replaced and improved by automated engagement driven by conversational AI.

Lifelink Solution

Lifelink equips manufacturers with personalized, omnichannel digital agents that drive patient and HCP engagement for specialty therapies. Lifelink accelerates patient triage to first fill by 50% and decreases first fill abandonment by 20%.
Personalizes HCP/patient experience from awareness to adherence
Stratifies and predicts next best action for each engaged HCP and patient
Establishes real-time insights into program enrollment and adherence by cohort
Accelerates time to value with LLM-driven configuration and optimization
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