Request Stream

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Request Stream

The flexible request tracker for your growing business.

Step out of the noisy river of ad hoc email + chat team asks. Confidently manage cross-functional team request workstreams all in one place.

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Many ways to gather requests

Asks come from all places — a meeting, a 🌶️ spicy chat thread, (virtual) water coolers — create easy paths for gathering requests with:
landing page in this doc.
A unique
link URL that you can share anywhere and any time someone asks for something.
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All requests flow to one place

It’s easier to prioritize, communicate, and be transparent when everything and everyone is together.
A central database contains all requests ever made, while team (such as ) and give unique visibility.
ensure that teams guide teams to take the .


Without writing a single line of code, utilize these time-saving .

When a new requests comes in, then ping the point of contact.

Send out Slack notifications to folks who have been identified as the right person to respond to a request.

If a request is accepted or rejected, then let the asker know.

As you make requests, you’ll receive Slack notifications when your request is acted on, deferred, or otherwise changed.

When I follow a request, then notify me when the status changes

After selecting follow, you’ll get notified when there are changes so that you can stay on top of progress. No awkward progress nagging.

Bring clarity to asks/gives

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 7.14.10 PM.png

Track and report all in the same doc with this starter set of dashboards in .
All without CSV export hacking or manual consolidation.

Create your first request

If you prefer just playing with the template, head over to to submit a request.

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