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How to Use Keep Close


We’re so glad you are here on your way to strengthening your relationships! Follow the simple steps below to get acquainted with Keep Close!

What is Keep Close?

Keep Close can help remove the burden of trying to remember & prioritize all the people you are trying to get or stay close to.
Each day, access the Keep Close dashboard on any device to get a prioritized list of who best to initiate connection with that day. In just a couple clicks you can, from Keep Close, call, text or email that friend immediately — thus removing the latent anxiety of knowing you want to build relationships but just can’t get around to it yet. You can even get a semi-prompted message if deciding what to say gives you the most trouble.

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First, Add a few Contacts

Keep Close needs to know who you are trying to build better friendships with, add a few names, their phone numbers, and answer a few questions to get started. You will be able to add in their important moments like birthdays and anniversaries later, as well as take notes on their likes and dislikes so you can be an even more thoughtful friend.
We’ve included a few sample people so you can get an idea of what fully filled out profile looks like. You can
❌ remove
them if you’d like.

Added some contacts

Learn about Connections

On your , you will see some connections for the day. If anyone has an important moment that day they will appear, and the Keep Close score will rank and offer you suggestions from your added contacts.
Click on “Contact” to go to their Friend page and start a call, text, or email. If today doesn’t feel right, hit “Not Today” and a different contact will be suggested
Learned about Connections

Next, Prompts

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing what to say! We tried to help reduce the friction in getting a message out to someone by creating a large set of templates that you can filter by tone and intent. Also, if you use any of them, they won’t show up for you as a suggestion again for some time.
Look for this button:

Finally, Share!

If you know someone who would benefit from using Keep Close, please direct them ! 💌
I’m done!

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