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Top 8 Cloud computing applications

Cloud computing is altering the new world of IT infrastructure. The technology that allows you to plug into your cloud application from anywhere around the globe, automatically updates and provides you with a hassle-free experience. The cloud computing application is the face of revolution in technology.
Before we head out to various types of cloud computing applications, first let's understand what it means.

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing can be defined as the kind of technology that works over the internet that stores and manages data on a remote server and then allows it to be accessed via the internet.
The main benefit of is that it allows the customer to work in the remote settings, which translates that the customer doesn’t have a physical infrastructure rather they rent it from a provider.
Let us take a look at some popular cloud computing application:

1. Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail

A benefit that is shared by cloud computing applications is that it works as a storage file unit which allows quick and easy backup. It allows for you to automatically set up for fetching up the files from the desktop. Dropbox allows users to store files up to 1 terabyte worth of free storage.
The popular social media platform Facebook depends upon a powerful hosting that manages and stores it in actual time.
The type of cloud computing application system that social media uses is it allows click-to-call options that take you to an instant texting system.

2. Banking and other financial cloud applications

Cloud computing applications also provide provisions for users to store their financial data on it. Such pieces of information may include tax records, account details, and so on.
These services are mainly used in banks to maintain information on a large scale. These services leverage the best use of cloud computing applications as it allows the facility of easy backup and juggling large information sets between geographies as well.
If you’re looking to develop a cloud application from scratch, then it is better to from a reliable and experienced company.

3. Health care industry

In the same way, in the medical industry, the cloud computing services are used to host data, and run analytics and they can all be accessed remotely by the user. The most useful advantage it offers as it allows for any medical professional to access the medical history of the patient immediately and quickly. The fed information can also be altered at any time.
Some of the cloud computing applications examples are telemedicine, public and personal health care, E-health services, and bioinformatics.

4. Education industry

Cloud computing applications in the education industry are mainly used for higher learning purposes that are mainly used in colleges and universities. This industry is being subjugated by Google and Microsoft which provides varied services and free services as a perk to the students and the staff in various learning institutions.
These services are leveraged by various educational institutions all over the world to increase efficiency and narrow down expenses.
Such applications allow the customer to personalize their workspace hence making the teaching more efficient. A such example includes Google App Education (GAE).

5. Government services

Cloud computing applications are now the new face of the world, they are also widely used to deliver e-government services. These types of services are both used by the government officials as well as used by the general public. The technology here bridges the gap between the direct functioning of the government to the citizens.
The government uses this technology mainly for the transaction facilities that allow balancing the huge number of transactions while restricting the citizens to get the idea of fewer congestion bottlenecks.
Whereas a similar service is used by citizens for issuing government authorized identification cards.

6. Big data analytics applications

It is another type of cloud computing application. These types of applications allow the data scientist to analyze the data patterns they have uploaded on the cloud, managing insights, providing correlations, foreseeing predictions, and implementing a structure for decision making.

7. Communication and services

Cloud computing applications have managed to strengthen the course of communications over the time. It includes communications tools like emails and calendars which are among the network-based cloud computing applications.
One of the most popular cloud computing applications is WhatsApp, which allows a user to build different forms of communication like texting, sharing photos, videos, locations, etc, just in the blink of an eye. The data is end-to-end encrypted.

8. Various business processes

People are opting for the cloud based business process due to its numerous benefits. The business emailing was already used as a cloud computing application. Now business owners are migrating towards more business processes like ERP, document management, and other CRM activities. SAAS is now becoming a crucial part of enterprises.
These cloud computing applications include Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. Businesses are getting attracted towards it more because of its reliability due to its data that can be replicated at many sites on the cloud providing sites.
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Cloud computing applications provide a truck load of advantages hence it is booming in every industry. The capability of cutting down expensive software license costs is one of the driving factors towards this technology. Such applications are available 24/7 anywhere at any time. These applications can be accessed through desktops, mobile phones, or any other devices.
Cloud computing applications allow you to focus on business and not on data centers.
If you have any question or suggestion regarding the cloud computing applications, .
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