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Top 7 Languages For Web App Development

Do you know the reason why some web applications fail? It's because users don't find anything new or striking in it. This is predominantly an outcome of mob mentality where the trending programming language is chosen instead of exploring the optimum one for the type of app being developed.
The choice of a particular for a web app needs to be made accurately because each of them comes with a different code set which is suitable for different types of web application.
Always remember to look for language tools, libraries and suitability with your business requirements, while choosing the right Programming language.

Top 7 Languages For Web App Development are:


Best used for: Server-side, web server, server application and game development
Features: It is a text-based programming language with simple code that is easy to write and debug. It facilitates the addition of menu functionality, animations and hover interactions which can potentially convert static websites into web applications.
JavaScript is the only programming language that allows both frontend and backend web app development along with the .
Currently operational in: LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix, Candy Crush


Best used for: Ecommerce web applications and websites, Content and Learning Management Tools.
Features: It is an open source scripting language having several automation tools and libraries that help in developing a high-end functional PHP web application. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor comprises built-in tools and modules that are suitable for both dynamic and static websites. Additionally, applications made with this programming language are easy to debug and take less time for development.
PHP gives room to the programmers to design web applications applying the Modern- View- Controller constructive pattern.
Currently operational in: WordPress, Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo, Tumblr and MailChimp
Relevant read: Learn about .


Best used for: Automation, AI Machine Learning, web Development, Scripting, Data Science and Game Development.
Features: Python is the perfect programming language for beginners as well as customer- based web applications because of its simplicity and adaptability to modern technologies. It provides fast execution of projects and saves considerable time of the developer. It is ideal for server-side or backend operations.
Just like the aforementioned programming languages, Python also holds a diverse community network having several libraries, frameworks and tools for quick and .
Currently Operational In: Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Instacart, Dropbox and Uber.


Best used for: Ecommerce web applications, Websites and Content Management System.
Features: This open-source programming language is fast, secure and ideal for services such as ecommerce app development and for creating MVPs. Ruby is a stable and sophisticated language that has gained more acknowledgement since the introduction of Ruby on Rails.
For those who are unaware, Rails is a framework based on the MVC (Model -View -Controller) pattern that fabricates design and structure for websites, apps or databases.
Good For Startups - Ruby on Rails is a brilliant programming language framework when it comes to startups. It helps create and deliver MVPs at a much faster rate, hence, cutting down the cost and time of development.
Currently Operational In: Twitter, Shopify, Airbnb, GitHub, GoodReads, Kickstarter and Groupon.


Best used for: JavaScript IDEs, Static checking and JavaScript applications
Features: It is a modern programming language and a superset of JavaScript. TypeScript can be called as JavaScript++ which is similar to C having C++ for itself. Although TypeScript is not as popular as the former, it helps in developing object-oriented codes without hassle. It has various in-built debugging tools that help eliminate bugs and errors.
Role of TypeScript: The main role of TypeScript is to check errors and suggest corrections in the code. The dynamic and flexible nature of JavaScript makes it susceptible to errors. TypeScript inculcates static information into JavaScript code which cuts down the difficulty of reading and understanding the code, rectifies errors and makes it easy to debug the web application.


Best used for: Server-side- Client-side, android & Kotlin app development
Features: It is an object-oriented (OOP) high-end programming language with pre-programmed memory managing properties. Kotlin allows dynamic typing and fast web application development.


Best used for: Server-side programming, Web and Windows applications development, 2D and 3D Games development
Features: C# is developed on the footprints of C. It is an OOP language used in backend Web Development. It is formulated by Microsoft as a part of .NET for Windows application development. Due to the Common Language Runtime, C# is a similarly independent stage as Java. However, developer’s experience reveals that C# is somewhat better than Java. With its vivid data sets and libraries it helps in faster compilation and execution along with being a safe option (safer than C or C++).
Currently Operational In: Skype, MS Office, Paint Brush, Photoshop, SQL Server 2012


Choosing the right programming language is based on the needs of your business and the type of web application you are planning to develop is of prime importance. Different programming languages offer different features that can make your web app development simple and effortless.
We intend to introduce you to the best programming languages. Also, we look forward to helping you select the right one for your business without hassle.

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