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Jack's Donuts

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Insights + notes

Jack’s donuts menu is a search tag
Mobile usage is 4.5 higher than desktop
News section of website is trending
Issues with product quality
Should disappear with distribution
Lee doesn’t think customers care about website, but research and form responses clearly say otherwise
Coffee should be on par with donuts
Online ordering (especially mobile) is a must
Commissary/Distribution being built
Shipped to all locations
Partnerships for white-labeled products
Potential franchises cannot gather necessary info from website
Current franchises have no real home for their store
Blue collar donuts and coffee
“Hit Starbucks right in the mouth”. Meaning there’s really no reason
“Everywhere there’s a Dollar General we want a Jack’s”
App should have options for bag or box
Audience isn’t the elites. It’s small town, Dollar Store, blue-collar customers
Coffee and donuts are equal
Makes you feel like home
Regular folk
You can have your insert lawsuits pastry or famous pastry/cookie, but we make kick ass coffee and donuts for regularly folk
We don’t make fancy, we make delicious
Reminds you of your childhood
Moms are #1
Donuts & Coffee
Separate details on page. Break down content on another page if necessary



Why this will work

Because I’m a black man that grew up around black people and the world knows that America emulates what black people create and call there own. Now we have the best of both worlds. A CEO who’s an ally and a mind to create words that stick!


We can play on Gen-X phrases because Millennials know it and Gen-Z stole it

Soccer moms/Millennials

“Better/Cheaper/Healthier than your cheap wine (and the expensive sh*t too)”


Stop buying sheiny crap
Build your own teamu
You call that drip?
This is ain’t yo momma’s swag, but she can rock it too!

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