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Dog Pack Instructions

How to add dog images to your docs.

Step 1:

Copy this doc

Step 2:

Go to the page and generate random messages and images using the
button. Go to the page to review how to display individual images.

Step 3:

Go to the page and edit the sentiments to your liking in the table. You can also edit the table to include only those dog breeds that you wish to randomly appear.

Step 4:

Go to the page and review the 3 buttons. You can choose to randomly:
fetch a new image, or
fetch a new sentiment, or
fetch both a new image and sentiment.

Use Cases:

Add random dog images to your docs to share, for fun.
Email or slack a message from the page to your team to show your appreciation.
Modify the tables to create a more meaningful match between sentiment and dog image.
Set up an automation on a doc to display random dog pics, because, well, why not? 🐶
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