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May 29 (Elementary - ZONK)

This week, we are going to press pause to let kids remember and celebrate what God has done in our lives. We will be playing a game called Zonk to review what we learned over the last few months.

Order of Service

Sample Service Time: 9am
8:45 Play & Check-in (Classrooms)
9:05 Icebreaker (Classrooms)
9:10 Transition to Auditorium
9:15 Large Group + Zonk (Auditorium)
10:00 Transition to Classrooms
10:10 Check-out (Classrooms)


INSTRUCTIONS: Play a game of Charades. Have kids write down a person, place or thing on cards and collect them. (You can even give them a theme, such as “superheroes”.) Let kids take turns drawing a card, acting it out and seeing if their friends can guess what it is.

Large Group

Welcome → Worship → Transition to Zonk
WELCOME: Hey friends! My name is ________ and I’ll be your host today. I have a question for you... If you had to save the world and you could pick one superhero to team up with, who would it be? (Allow responses.)
TRANSITION TO WORSHIP: Let’s bow our heads and close our eyes to pray as we prepare to worship. (Pray over the kids. Then start the worship songs.)
WORSHIP SONGS: Believe It + With You
TRANSITION TO ZONK: Today we are going to do something a little different. Normally this would be the time where we share a Bible story. Today, we want to press the “pause” button to remember some of the things that we have learned over the last few months. We are going to play an epic review game called Zonk! Are you guys ready?


WHAT YOU NEED: Zonk Cards + blank paper/markers for scorekeepers
Divide the kids into two teams, boys vs. girls.
Have the boys sit on one side of the room and the girls on the other.
Choose one kid from Team #1 to draw a card.
If they draw a Review Question... the child must answer the question on the card. Their team can help but only that child can answer.
If they get it right, they will earn the number of points written on the card.
If they get it wrong, the other team gets a chance to answer the same question for the same amount of points. If both teams get it wrong, no one gets points.
If they draw a Challenge... everyone on the team must do the challenge on the card. If successful, they will earn the number of points written on the card.
If they draw a Zinger... the two teams must trade point totals with each other.
If they draw a Zonk... their team loses all their points.
Remove the card from the bag and let the next team have a turn.
Play until all of the cards have been drawn or time runs out.
The team with the most points wins!

Pro Tip: Before you start, choose an older kid from each team to be the scorekeeper.

Small Group Time

WHAT YOU NEED: blank paper (1/kid) + markers
INSTRUCTIONS: Give each kid a piece of paper and some colored pencils. Show them an example of a timeline.
It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit impacts every part of our lives. Sometimes, we don’t even notice it.
First, draw a line all the way across your paper like this, with three dots.
Over the first dot, draw a picture of the person who invited or brought you here today. That happened in the PAST.
Under the second dot, draw a picture of yourself here, where you are right now.
Over the third dot draw a picture of someone you know who you can ask to come with you next time. That will happen in the FUTURE.
Now, we have the past, present, and future. Go back and draw one big heart over all three pictures.
God’s Holy Spirit directs our lives and connects the past to the present, and the present to the future.

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