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June 12 (Lower Elementary)

God gives us hope, but also enables us to give hope to others. We can be the hands and feet that spread hope to people who are feeling hopeless!
Big Idea: God gives us hope.
Bible Story: Ruth Meets Boaz: Ruth 2;Romans 5:1-5
Memory Verse: The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” (Psalm 121:8)

Order of Service

Sample Service Time: 9am
8:45 Play & Check-in (Classrooms)
9:05 Icebreaker (Classrooms)
9:10 Transition to Auditorium
9:15 Large Group (Auditorium)
9:40 Transition to Classrooms
9:45 Small Group Time (Classrooms)
10:10 Check-out (Classrooms)


Welcome back to Ever After, where we get to hear and be a part of God’s true fairytale stories!
Let’s start by telling our own stories using our imaginations!
INSTRUCTIONS: Have kids sit in a circle. Allow each child to have turns rolling the story dice and making up a funny story. The picture dice shows different story starters for kids to make up some fun stories.
After you're done, ASK:
What do you think is the main difference between a good story and a bad story?
The best stories usually show us that no matter how bad things get, there is hope that things will get better!

Large Group

10 minutes into service, gather the kids in your group and head to the Auditorium for Large Group. There will be a designated place for your age group to sit, so make sure you follow the signs! This is where kids will have a worship experience and hear the Bible story. Once Large Group ends, your group will be dismissed to head back to your room.


Gather the kids in your small group in a circle and play the Lame Name Game. Give each child a turn to share their name and answer today’s Icebreaker Question:
What is your favorite thing you like to do with your family?


INSTRUCTIONS: Play the 2-minute Bible story video on your TV and ask your kids the following questions.
After the video, ask the kids:
How did Ruth provide for Naomi and herself?
What did Boaz do to show kindness to Ruth?
What is an example of something God has done in the past that shows us hope?


The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” (Psalm 121:8)
Look up the memory verse and read it out loud.
Choose a kid to roll a dice, then have the kids recite the verse together in the style that corresponds with the list below.
#1: In a robot voice.
#2: While hopping on one foot.
#3: While making a silly face.
#4: Like you’re sitting in a bathtub filled with ice water.
#5: Like you’re being chased by a dragon.
#6: Make up your own.
When finished, hand the dice to another kid and repeat.


ACTIVITY | Gleaning Game
Ruth and Naomi’s livelihood depended on there being grain leftover once everyone else had gotten their fill.Let’s play a quick game to show what that must have felt like!
INSTRUCTIONS: Spread out artificial grain (or make your own using pipecleaners and feathers) around the middle of the room, making sure there are two pieces of grain for every kid in the group. Select one kid to be “Ruth.” Have kids come up one at a time and flip a coin. If it’s heads, they get to pick up two pieces of grain. If it’s tails, they only get one. When every kid has gone, the kid that’s Ruth gets whatever is leftover.

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