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June 12 (Large Group)

God gives us hope, but also enables us to give hope to others. We can be the hands and feet that spread hope to people who are feeling hopeless!
Big Idea: God gives us hope.
Bible Story: Ruth Meets Boaz: Ruth 2;Romans 5:1-5
Memory Verse: The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” (Psalm 121:8)

Order of Service

Sample Service Time: 9am
8:45 Play & Check-in (Classrooms)
9:05 Icebreaker (Classrooms)
9:10 Transition to Auditorium
9:15 Large Group (Auditorium)
9:40 Transition to Classrooms
9:45 Small Group Time (Classrooms)
10:10 Check-out (Classrooms)

Icebreaker Game

Divide your class into teams of about 5 or 6 and challenge them to jump in tandem while 2 adults turn the rope. You’ll need a long jump rope and while this activity sounds easy, it really does require teamwork for everyone to jump at the same time. Give each team a trial run, and then setup a challenge to see which team can jump the longest.

Large Group

Welcome → Worship → Introduce the Story → Story Video → Closing
WELCOME: Hey friends! My name is ________ and I’ll be your host today. Today, we are continuing our series on Ever After. A lot of fairytales have characters we might call “hopeless romantics.” These are people who continue to believe in love even though they have experienced heartbreak time and time again. Can you think of a time when you experienced hope? I’ll go first. (Allow responses.)
TRANSITION TO WORSHIP: Let’s bow our heads and close our eyes to pray as we prepare to worship. (Pray over the kids. Then start the worship songs.)
WORSHIP SONGS: Chasing Me + Its Your Love
INTRODUCE THE STORY: The best stories usually show us that no matter how bad things get, there is hope that things will get better!
When Ruth was hungry, Boaz showed compassion by giving her food and hope by pointing her to God and praying for her. This helped Ruth and Naomi believe that God gives us hope. Just like Ruth and Naomi, many people around the world face different struggles and hardships.
Lets Read Romans 5:1–5 together.
Use a white board and write out the words “suffering,” “perseverance,” “character,” and “ hope.” Draw an arrow from one word to the next between each word. Then draw one giant arrow from “suffering” to “ hope.”
Ask: What are some examples of suffering? What do you think perseverance means?What about character?
Nobody wants to suffer, but sometimes we face difficult things in our lives. When we do, we can find comfort in knowing that this suffering can be turned into something good. It makes us have more perseverance by teaching us that if we keep trying and if we are patient, we can get through our challenges. It will help us build character, so that we become more kind, understanding and strong. That, in turn, gives us hope that if anything like this every happened again, God will help us see it through.
ASK: Who remembers the story of Jesus in the wilderness?
He suffered when he was being tempted by the devil after forty days of having eaten nothing. But no matter what the temptation was, Jesus persevered by saying no to it. He showed character by not giving in to the devil’s demands but remembering that he was the Son of God. He had hope in God’s words to help him overcome. And he did! Even when it seems like we are suffering for no reason, we can trust that God gives us hope!
Ruth’s story shows us that in any situation, hope can always be found in Jesus. Jesus helps us to never give up even when things are tough and show us how we can give others hope too!

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