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July 3 (Large Group)

Elisha asked a really big thing of God when he said he wanted to be used like his friend Elijah, but he knew God could handle it. Elisha dreamed big, and so can we.
Big Idea: I can dream big with God.
Bible Story: Elijah Taken Up to Heaven: II Kings 2:1-2, 6-14;Psalm 66:1-9
Memory Verse: “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2 (NIV)

Order of Service

Sample Service Time: 9am
8:45 Play & Check-in (Classrooms)
9:05 Icebreaker (Classrooms)
9:10 Transition to Auditorium
9:15 Large Group (Auditorium)
9:40 Transition to Classrooms
9:45 Small Group Time (Classrooms)
10:10 Check-out (Classrooms)

Icebreaker Game

Split your class into teams of about 6-8 students, have them stand together in a circle with their arms raised above their heads, and then place a on their finger tips. Using nothing but their fingertips, each team must work together to lower the hula hoop to the ground without dropping it. This is a great way to encourage your students to work as a team!

Large Group

Welcome → Worship → Introduce the Story → Story Video → Closing
WELCOME: Hey friends! My name is ________ and I’ll be your host today. This month, we are going to learn about all the big dreams God has given us and helps us achieve! When someone has big, seemingly unrealistic dreams, people like to say they have their “head in the clouds.” It means that their dreams appear to be so lofty and unreachable that it’s as though they’re not on the ground. When it comes to the things God can do, however, there is no limit! That means God can also help us do things we never thought imaginable, too.
Question: What is something that you hope for or dream about?
(Allow responses.)
TRANSITION TO WORSHIP: Let’s bow our heads and close our eyes to pray as we prepare to worship. (Pray over the kids. Then start the worship songs.)
WORSHIP SONGS: All of Me & Its your Love
INTRODUCE THE STORY: In today’s story, we’re going to be talking about someone who walked with — and dreamed with — God, all the way to the end!
Let’s watch our story video to see what todays lesson will be!
Bible Lesson:
[Read II Kings 2:1–2, 6.]
God was about to take the prophet Elijah up to heaven. A prophet was kind of like a messenger for God.
Elijah was traveling with his friend and fellow prophet, Elisha. Elijah told him to stay behind because God wanted Elijah to travel to different places before it was time for him to go. But Elisha said he would not leave Elijah’s side.
Why do you think Elisha wanted to stay close to Elijah?
[Read II Kings 2:7–8.]
Soon Elijah and Elisha came to the Jordan River. Before crossing, Elijah does something unusual with his cloak – what was it? How can we tell from this part of the story that God was with Elijah.
[Read II Kings 2:9-10.]
When Elijah asked Elisha what he could do for him before he had to go, Elisha asked for a “double portion” of Elijah’s spirit. What that meant was that Elisha wanted to continue doing what Elijah did. Now Elijah had done some remarkable things in his lifetime. By asking for a double portion, Elisha was saying he was ready to carry on God’s work.
[Read II Kings 2:11-12.]
This was a very big thing for Elisha to ask for. Elijah promised that if Elisha saw Elijah going up into heaven, he would get what he asked for. And that is exactly what happened! Why do you think Elisha tore his garment in two when he saw Elijah disappear into the clouds?
[Read II Kings 2:13-16.]
Based on these verses, did Elisha get what he had asked for? How do we know? It might have seemed like an impossibly big dream for Elisha to think he could do the things Elijah did. But he really wanted to do great things for God and, guess what? God wanted Elisha to do great things, too!
INSTRUCTIONS: In this demonstration, pour shaving cream to fully cover the top of a cup of water. Using a food coloring dropper, as you talk, place drops of coloring on top of the shaving cream. As the food coloring drops fill the shaving cream, they will begin “raining down.” When we hope for something that is special to us, we can trust God with it. We can tell God all about it when we pray. God hears all of our prayers and loves when we share our dreams! Just like a cloud that rains down the water inside of it at the perfect time, God will “rain down” blessings and promises for us at the perfect time.

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