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Holiday Tracker for Startups and Agencies

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Welcome to the Holiday Tracker

Supercharge your employee management processes by using this holiday tracker. Ideal for SMBs, startups, and agencies.
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Before You Start

A Small Introduction

Most of the startup and agency folks struggle to build productive and efficient company & people systems. As you and your company grows, it becomes difficult to do everything yourself. Sooner than you realise, you get caught in the vicious cycle of accomplishing multiple tasks. It gets overwhelming and work keeps piling up. Now you have to take care of products, clients, internal teams, and at the same time design & update business processes to keep everything running.

I want to take that burden off your shoulders.
This is why I help leaders like you in scaling your business.

As a Business Ops +People Specialist, I have supported tons of companies by
🚀 designing efficient systems (as lean as possible)
🔎 hiring high-potential talent across the world
💸 reducing costs by upto 72%

How to Use this Template

This Holiday Tracker template helps you to track your employees’ leaves.

P.S. - if you want more tweaks according to your company systems, feel free to get in touch with me
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