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Revelation Class

my syllabus sample

Judgements against enemies: destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, fall of Babylon, and destruction of Jerusalem
They are a theology of God’s actions throughout the Christian era.
The trumpets present a sequence and explanation of events from the cross to the second coming (Rev 11: 17). To do this, they employ the language of the 7 last plagues, confirming that they are judgements on the wicked for attacking God’s people.
Some examples of the language borrowed from the plagues.
Hail and fire mixed with blood
Waters turned into blood
Sun affected and darkness
Judgement on those who don’t have seal of God
They are reminiscent of 2 major historical events.
Noah and the flood (Gen 7) There is an undoing of God’s creation.
⅓ of trees and grass are burned.
⅓ of waters are turned into blood and bitter.
⅓ of marine life perished.
⅓ of the sun, moon, and stars are darkened.

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