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Q 1 : Do I need to fill only 1 Column — Speaker Topics? If yes, can I hide the other EMPTY columns that are not relevant to me at the moment ?
A 1 : You’ll only need to fill in one column, the Person Topic column (column J). The best way to hide other columns that aren’t relevant for you are to create a “filter view.” Those let you create a personalized filter that won’t affect anyone else working in the doc (which is ideal since the woman Viktoriia who you’ll also see working in the doc is adding more rows, so she’ll need all of the columns). Q 2: ​The contract is for max 4 hours / day, right? A 2 : If you have bandwidth to work more than 4 hours a day, you’re more than welcome to do so! We have a solid backlog of work to get to, so we’ll happily take as much help as you’re able to give here.

9/19/23 Feedback on Initial Topics Research
@Ally C
the first few topics you added look great to me. One quick question: for row 2421, some of the topics you assigned (you had listed R&D, Funding, Grants, Battery, Mobility, Electrochemistry, High-power battery, lithium ion, energy storage) weren’t in the source text column (column B)- did you get those from a Google search? That’s great if so, just want to make sure I’m following your workflow correctly. ​
@James Gray
Thanks for the feedback. I got it from the Speaker Topic & his background PDF, available at via Arpa-e Event Topic Links Here is the Link - There is one more link ; His Bio is on Arpa-e ​ That’s why I suggested that it would be useful and efficient if these links are made available to me.

@Ally C
got it, those links are great sources. Can you clarify by what you mean by “That’s why I suggested that it would be useful and efficient if these links are made available to me.”? I wasn’t entirely clear by that comment whether there’s something else that you still need on the sheet to do the work, or if it’s in a state now that you can move forward with it. ​
@James Gray
I can move forward. Although, would be useful if Link to Speaker Description is also made readily available. It would save me some time, that’s all.

@Ally C
gotcha, that makes sense. I’ve got a handful of other things in Viktoriia’s queue in the short term, but will start putting that on her collection list going forward for the new ones ​
@James Gray
Got you, thanks
More questions
@James Gray
Q3 : I’ve been skipping “Tech Demos” since these are typically not commercial stage & “Pitches” is that okay? or you’d like to capture?
Column 1
Column 2
Team: University of Maryland
Tech Demo: Superstrong, Low-Cost Wood for Lightweight Vehicles
There are no rows in this table
@Ally C
please do capture data about pitches, demos, etc. as well. We’re also interested in things that are just at the cusp of commercialization, and the signal itself can be helpful in determining the expertise and momentum for a particular person (even if a specific technology experiment/approach isn’t successful).

Q4 : What is the timing for invoice ? Can I send it out each Fri ?
A: We pay out biweekly, so feel free to either send it out each Friday or every other Friday
@Ally C
I took at look at the topics you’ve added so far, and in general it looks great. I have feedback/requests for two areas in particular:
1) Can you use the full name of a topic instead of its abbreviation? For example infra -> infrastructure, decarb -> decarbonization, etc. The way you've styled it is completely intuitive when you're looking at the topics themselves, but our users will often be inputting a topic term into a search box so they may type out the full term and miss things that are tagged with abbreviations.
2) Please keep an eye out for spelling errors (for a similar reason as above, our system will only fetch results that match exactly what our users type in). At a quick glance I noticed things like "oil rigds" “Redflox Battery" “commercilization" and "trasmission"
Hopefully in the future we'll have a script that catches things like that and fixes it automatically, but till then we'll have to be careful.

@Ally C
heads up that we renamed the column you’re working in as “Event Topic” and moved it’s position to Column D. No other changes needed on your side, we just realized that it made more sense from a query perspective

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