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Project management with AI Meeting note summary

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AI + Project Management. Save time, keep your team up to date, launch faster

What is this template?

🌟 Everything you team needs in a project management software tool 🌟
This template is a general project management tool that allows you or a team of individuals to manage projects complete with tasks and sub-tasks.
Assign tasks to individuals
Comment and collaborate
Kanban style task organization
Take and organize meeting notes
Upload files
Alerts for unassigned tasks
Quick spot to see just your relevant work
Dashboard on project status

Where does AI come into this?

🌟 You have questions, meeting notes have answers. Have AI quickly parse your notes across projects to get the most important information 🌟
Keeping your team up to date on projects and their tasks is crucial to keeping a project on target.
This template allows you to keep notes on all projects in one organized and unified space. Meeting notes, as we all know, can get unwieldy and long. Reading through and reviewing notes, while necessary, can be burdensome.
Coda AI runs over your meeting notes and provides ( )
Instant summaries of meeting notes with key themes
Clean inferred action items from your notes
Integration with slack to instantly transfer summaries/action items directly to the people who need to see them

Want something simpler?

Need a dead simple meeting note template without all the extra bells and whistles? Get that here! Complete with slack integrations and AI generated meeting note summaries
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