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IsBlank & IsNotBlank

Formulas: IsBlank() and IsNotBlank()
Category: Info
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Checks if a value is blank; returns True/False
or stated otherwise...
Hey Coda, can you tell me whether this spot in my table is blank?

Checks if a value is not blank; returns True/False
put a bit simpler...
Hey Coda, can you tell me whether this spot in my table is not blank?

IsBlank() and IsNotBlank() both use only one parameter:
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The value you want to check.

IsBlank() and IsNotBlank(). Both formulas, like the rest of the Info formulas, work by checking if a piece of information—a value, an item in a list, etc.—is the type of information you’re looking for. On the face of it, this might sound confusing.
Its value is unlocked, however, as we begin to see just how checking types of information can make our documents more fluid.


Filtering through your data is one of the most common ways IsBlank() and IsNotBlank() are used.
Let’s say you’re managing our and want to see which items do or do not have an assigned ecosystem. Perhaps you want to know this information because, as the manager of a project, you want to have a list of what hasn’t been completed.
Click the toggle below to see which of the first 10 items from the list are “completed” and which are not:

See the blank entries
all entries

This is a list of the first 10 plants that do not have an assigned ecosystem.

Slender Oat
Narrow Leaved Clover
American Vetch
Yellow Bush lupine
Pacific Madrone
Arctic Butterbur
Western Maidenhair Fern
California Bay Laurel
Pacific Sanicle
Broad leaved Dock
Go into the filter options for this table to see how IsBlank() was used.

In this use case, using IsBlank() is like saying :
Hey Coda, take a look at these 10 trees. Will you show me the ones where the
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column is blank?

Conditional Buttons, Formatting, Etc.

Another common use for IsBlank() and IsNotBlank() is when you are need conditional formatting, column values, or buttons.
We used IsBlank() /IsNotBlank() three different times in the table below. Take some time to play with the table—press the buttons, assign/un-assign individuals. Can you guess where these formulas are used? After you’ve made your guesses, check the boxes below to reveal the answers:

Check box to reveal the answer!
Check box to reveal the answer!
Check box to reveal the answer!

Assign Task
Edit ForEach lesson
Assign Task to myself
Complete Email Drip Campaign
Assign Task to myself
Create voting table for course header design
Assign Task to myself
There are no rows in this table

Further Notes

A couple of the above examples can be completed without writing lengthy formulas. Behind the scenes, though, they are using the same formulas we just covered:

Overwrite a formula column with an editable value
Expand on Activity 1 by creating more variability in your button

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