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Formula: Count()
Category: Collections
Counts the size of a list
Or, put otherwise...
Hey Coda, can you count the size of this list?

Count() only uses one parameter:
ingredients-list (3).svg


The list you wanted counted. This list can be a table, column, or created set of values.

Count() simply counts the items in a list. If you need a refresher on what lists are in Coda, head to the page.
While a simple formula, you will find yourself using Count() more than most formulas in Coda, especially when disabling buttons or automations. Before we get into actual use-cases though, let’s just learn how it works.

How To Use

A sentence is actually a list of words and Count() simply counts how many items are in the list. Type any sentence into the gray box below and watch how each word is counted.
This is a sentence and count() will be used to count the words in this sentence
There are 16 words in your sentence
There are no rows in this table

Going a Bit Deeper

We can also use Count() to find the answers to questions of quantity. Similar to the lesson, the answers to each an every question below about the would not be possible without Count().
How many different aged individuals are there?
How many unique favorite animals are there?

How many different birthdays will be have to celebrate?

How many different email domains do people have?

Disable a button so it can only be pressed once each day
Stop an automation from running if someone has completed all their tasks

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