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Case Study

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Case Study

How our works transforms the way our clients work
With thousands of people to contact and thousands more posts to track in every campaign, NowADays need a simple and innovative way to master their craft and operate the business.
Nowadays Media is a creative agency based in San Diego, California, working with online influencers to help grow their brand and make them go viral.
After trying multiple clients and platforms, they began work with Simpladocs in May 2022. Less than a year later, Nowadays cofounder Kasper Povilanskas can say: “This is easily the best money we are spending every month.”
“This is easily the best money we are spending every month.”

Saying goodbye to busy work

“It allows me to work on the business, rather than in the business.”
Simpladocs has helped simplify weeks of work into one simple click of a button. Nowadays used to manually email 500 or more people for one campaign, with each separate email taking about four minutes.
After Steven, the embedded SimplaDocs builder, automated their system, every email is now sent in a matter of seconds. Not only does this drastically help efficiency, it gives Nowadays the capability to increase the number of influencers they work with in every campaign, allowing the business to grow.
The system will also automatically track which emails get a reply, send out a contract when needed, and show specific numbers related to each influencer they work with. “It’s one person doing the job of at least three,” Kasper said.
What Simpladocs has done for Nowadays is create a simplified yet more detailed look at their business through the data Coda processes. Their system is a one stop shop for communications, financials, scheduling, and data.

All in one space, all in one document.

Without having to worry about mundane emails, where to find a document, or whether a contract was signed. . .we spend our time focusing on increasing the value of the brand
Coda allows for Nowadays to stop focusing on how the business runs, and instead focus on how the business can grow. “It gives you room to breathe,” Kasper said. Without having to worry about mundane emails, where to find a document, or whether a contract was signed, employees can spend all their time focusing on creative direction and increasing the value of the brand.

An embedded builder

“Fixed systems don’t allow you to evolve or adapt to your new culture…Coda can allow you to be live and growing.” - Steven Hurtado
With SimplaDocs, you are not just hiring a partner to simplify your business in the present moment, but rather one that grows and evolves as your business moves into the future.
It is the embedded builder that sets Simpladocs apart from other Coda companies. Steven adjusts issues and builds new features for Nowadays daily. After months of working with each other, they have developed a trust that allows him to understand all aspects of the business – their goals, process, and capabilities.
With Steven embedded inside the business, Nowadays can be involved every step of the way and give feedback. Because of that, “we are able to build all of the crazy projects they dream up,” Steven says.
Nowadays sees Steven and Simpladocs as a teammate, rather than just another client. Because Coda is a no code tool, an embedded builder can have a well-rounded and extensive background, not just technical skills.
Steven comes from a business background, which helps him understand aims of the business and coordinate the way he builds their system. The longer Steven works with Nowadays, the more valuable he has become, gaining trust and being able to incorporate every part of the business in Coda. Nowadays currently runs about 85% on Coda.

A document as powerful as an app…

“It has become the backbone of our business.” - Kasper Povilanskas

With close connections to the central world of Coda, Simpladocs can build unique and specified packs unlike any other. Steven built a task manager component into the Nowadays system, perfect for project managers or leaders of a company. From there, applications are embedded such as Slack or email to communicate when something needs to be done.
There are buttons within a document that trigger options or automations, streamlining workflow from one central hub. Steven has built charts, tables, and graphs directly into documents, not only showcasing data but embedding it right in the document, without having to go to an app or webpage to check numbers. “You can easily find everything,” Kasper said, “it’s all documented.”
One of the biggest additions to the Nowadays system is a live tracking tool built into Coda to follow views on TikTok campaigns. Previously, an agency would need to hire someone to check the number of views a video has, hour after hour or day after day in order to track viewer progression. Simpladocs built a custom tracker for Nowadays, cutting hours of overhead work by automating the view search and embedding the data every hour into a Nowadays Coda document. This tracker allows 24 hour access to a video’s viewership data and provides essential documentation for future campaigns, without any work or additional cost.
Simpladocs has taken the internal communications and metrics of Nowadays to the next level. Their operations are no longer in an individual’s head, but a part of a system that can be modified and utilized by everyone in the business. As Nowadays continues to grow, they are working on using Coda as part of their public interface as well. By condensing their knowledge and knowhow, the systems put in place by Steven have become part of the culture at Nowadays and has revolutionized their way of working.

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