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Trends and Data


The top 3 trends in your current bug tracker - as summarized by AI
Feature requests are common among the reported bugs, such as adding more image types and highlight colors, embedding videos, and adding push notifications.
Usability issues are also prevalent, including slow page loading times, difficulty accessing account settings and search bars, and font size being too small for easy reading.
Code defects are reported frequently, such as text not wrapping, broken links, and incorrect pricing being displayed.

Top 3 Bugs

The top 3 bugs in your system, along with their IDs that you should dedicate your teams resources to
bug-00019: App crashing on startup - This is a high priority bug as it prevents users from accessing the software at all. Investigation and immediate resolution is needed to ensure that users can use the software without problems.
bug-00017: Login button not working - This is another high priority bug as it prevents users from logging into the software and using it. Immediate action is needed to fix this issue and restore normal functionality.
bug-00010: Doc doesn't load quickly when > 100000 rows - This usability issue affects the user experience and should be addressed to ensure that users can work with large documents efficiently.
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February 23 - March 1, 2024

Status of Bugs

The current status’ of all bugs in your bug tracker

Bugs by type and priority

All the bugs in your system by type and segmented by Priority

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