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User Guide

👋 Hey there!

Welcome to your ultimate content creation companion. This document is powered by Coda AI and is intended to help you quickly draft content of any type in the work-place or elsewhere. Here is a quick rundown of how the document works.

The is your main page - it is the place where you will dump ideas and watch as Coda AI magically turns those chaotic ideas into text
It has three main sections. Uncollapse the triangles below to learn about those sections and how they work

1. Idea dump

The first thing you are greeted by when you open the page is a space to dump any ideas about the text you want drafted by AI.
Feel free to dump in bullet points, full sentences, etc. The more context you provide in this space, the more the AI assistant will have to work off of.

2. Modifications and Selections

This section is easily the most fun! It allows you to quickly give your AI assistant different instructions by modifying the tone, style, or length of the final product it will output.
You do not need to select something for each option, just choose the ones that feel relevant to you!

3. Drafted Writing

This is where you will find the writing that AI has drafted for you based off your selections! The most recent drafts are contained at the top. This section has three important buttons to know about:
Say you like a piece of writing that AI has drafted for you, but you simply want to make small edits to its tone, length, etc. Press this to make those small edits!
Need to take the copy you’ve created and share it? This button will take the drafted content in the gray box and copy it to your clipboard!

Let’s be honest - You are not going to be in love with everything drafted by AI. Use this button to delete a row and get rid of that content.

This template, at its core, is a helpful prompt generator. It takes the different inputs you make on the page and organizes them into a prompt optimized for AI.
The settings page allows you to modify the basic structure of the prompt that is being fed to your AI assistant before it generates writing samples
Click into the yellow box when on the settings page to change your prompt

On the page you have 6 different Selects that allow you to give small instructions to the AI writing assistant - These ones specifically 👇
The page holds the raw values that you are able to select in these drop-downs. Use this page to modify (add, delete, change) the selectable values

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