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Where good ideas come from?

Notes & Summary (p. 77-98)

Rapid-Eye-Movement: REM, stage of sleep
Indiscriminately: in a meaningless way
Hunch: a largely untapped idea that forms connections and becomes useful during sleep
Public Hunch database: an open directory of ideas that anyone can use, ideas that would traditionally be in an R&D lab
We don’t truly often have “epiphanies” rather our brain is gathering years of thought and forming that
Ideas have to connect to have meaning
Historically, many, many ideas come from “epiphanies” when we are dreaming or in REM sleep
“sleeping” on a problem more than doubles your ability to solve something because you are exploring solutions during sleep
The brain, for unknown reasons, will frequently fire at the same frequency
The more time your brain spends in a “chaotic” mode, the higher you IQ is (by a significant margin)
Our brain has very abrupt cut-offs between new ideas
Thought’s aren’t linear, they build on each other
Serendipity is not something you can plan for
Your mind has an almost infinite number of ideas
A shower or walk removes you from needed things happening in your life and leaves you with more room to ponder and create
You must connect ideas to make them useful
Serendipity can be caused by tech that helps you connect ideas
Can a computer be responsible for an idea if it connected your ideas into a new one?
The internet has made serendipity much more possible as it is so much easier and quicker to find relevant information
filters reduce serendipity
Information, and thus, possible connections are so much more plentiful thanks to the internet
Company R&D labs are very secretive and don’t let the spread or connection of big ideas, this causes of a lack of serendipity
When ideas can spread freely you allow people to come up with new uses created by companies that can’t capitalize on them
They talked about making space in your brain so that you can make connections. And in dream state you can have your best start of a great idea.
the most chaotic brains are the people with the highest IQs.

“I’m so straight, I’m so proud”
I should stop stalking
You can talk
I was stupid
I’ll solve all your problems
just let me get hacked!
Did you just unhighlight me
stop moving sevilla
wow youre so kind
back off!
I think the problem is you

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