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High Level Strategy

3rd Party Intro Strategy
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Define Product Areas
Focus on 2 - 3 product areas where I have the most amount of expertise and can talk deeply about
Identify key pre-seed and seed stage companies in that area. Write about why those companies / founders may be interesting to help investors with deal flow.
Talk about the companies that I advise on a day to day basis.
Attend and possibly present at events that are focussed on those specific product areas at large.
Build a network with investors at those events and setup follow up sessions with them
In-Person Conversations
Get to meet investors in-person to build a relationship
Offer to do due dilligence for such companies
Monthly / Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Build a subscriber list with monthly / bi-weekly newsletters to communicate your PoV to. broader audience.
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Product Focus Areas

Autonomous Workflow Agents for Enterprises

Sid is an expert in AI-driven low/no-code platforms, with a background in product development and go-to-market. His tenure at Automation Anywhere, LinkedIn and Deloitte gave him deep insights into the hyper-scaling of companies like AA, UiPath and Blue Prism. He helped AA evolve their offerings from basic RPA tools to low-code co-pilot development platforms, catering to both business users and developers by leveraging AI for handling unstructured data and enhancing core capabilities. Sid was closely involved with the go-to-market team at AA helping craft sales playbooks while focusing on high ROI use cases in financial services and healthcare. He is currently advising (founded by authors of the transformer paper) on scaling their business through product design, pricing, competitive differentiation with existing tools and helping prioritize GTM motions.
He has written and pave way to a new generation of tools such as Adept, , .

AI Driven Voice Assisted Applications & Spatial Hardware

Sid, through his work at Strivr (a Series B enterprise SaaS start-up), has worked extensively on building spatial computing applications, that leverage 3D video and spatial audio (via speech-to-text & text-to-speech services) catered to personal coaching & training frontline enterprise workers. He has worked across various product development and go-to-market initiatives, while deeply partnering with the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction lab. He has insights on voice assisted interfaces rendered through existing mobile devices, AI native hardware such as Rabbit R1, low form factor MR glasses (Meta Ray Bans) and fully immersive headsets (such as Apple Vision Pro) and understands the technical nuances, business models and end customer value across various use cases.
He actively follows and talks to founders of companies such as Inworld & that build voice assistant services across gaming & various enterprise use cases. He has written specific PoVs on and .

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