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Introducing Mochaccino

Mochaccino is a strongly-typed non-OOP language with an emphasis on code organisation and easy debugging, giving you a delightful development experience.
package main;include somePackage;include anotherPackage;dock { dbutils from 'lib/utils/allUtils.mono', 'lib/types/main.mono',}
module DB implements <Service> { version = 1; func getObjectById(id<string>)<promise<map>> async { var result<map> = await dbutils.runAsyncProcess(id: id); if (result.statusCode == 200) { ok; } else { notok; } }}
struct Service { var version<int>;}
struct DBService extends <Service> { constructor(data<Service>) { dbVersion = data.version; } #no-null // debug flag throws an error at runtime if the field is referenced when null. var dbVersion<int>;}
module main implements <EntryPoint> { func main()<void> { var complete<bool> = false; complete.onChange((newValue<bool>) { dbutils.debugMessage("complete!"); }); }}
Pretty nice, isn’t it? Wait till you see what structs have to offer in Mochaccino!
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