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Pricing for Webflow from 1st Nov

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Pricing for Webflow with Template

Effective from 1st Nov 2022
This is the rate card I use.
In this way, you can add the Webflow development costs without having to contact me repeatedly.

Pricing for per page 2
Page range
6 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 40
There are no rows in this table
I’ve got the experience you’re looking for. I have developed over 20 websites, and you can view my portfolio
I design to your specifications. If you’re looking for specific functionality, I find a way to make it happen.

Services Included

Semantic markup websites
Style Guide and Components Page (excluded from page range)
Responsive Design
Advance Technical SEO: Accessibility, Schema Markup, Core Web Vitals
Basic integrations: Search Console, Analytics, Chatbots, WhatsApp Chat
Unlimited CMS Collections: Blog Posts, Team Members, Jobs, Categories, Case Studies
2 Revisions for every page: Every extra revision per page will be charged at INR 1200/hour

Extra Charges for these Services

Custom Code Integrations: CMS Filters, Advance animations and interactions
Ranging from ₹4000 - ₹25000 depending upon the complexity of the integration.
Any requested work outside the scope after the development is completed will be charged at INR 1200/hour

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