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Kick Off

Why do you want a new website?
Display products
Clear messaging
Up to date standards

Measurable Goals
750 - 800 B2B leads by the end of this financial year

How quickly do you want to achieve these goals?
3 - 4 Weeks
18th May (Tentative) OR 25th May (Max)

Who are your top three competitors?
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How to plan to market the site once it is launched?
Circulate with Channel partner

Will your site pages need to announce that they use cookies per some countries’ requirements?
Microsoft Clarity
Google Analytics

What types of content will you publish on the site?
News Announcements

Do you need to integrate chat features?
Zoho Chat used before
- Use this

Important Aspect

What key pieces of information should be available on every single page of your website?

Do you have a documented content strategy?
Framework of website structure/content

Have you created buyer personas?
40+ individuals - Male
Purchase managers, CXOs
CEOs, Founders of SMBs

Would you like to personalize content so that the content shown is targeted and relevant for different types of visitors?
Lead feeder

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