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Shishir's To-Do List Philosophy


Keep your top priorities top of mind
Coda now supports Automations - click the
icon in the toolbar and then click on Automations to set up more.
You can set it to directly notify yourself, or add others in the list below. For now, I've set up two rules in this doc:
Today's summary email: At 6am every day, sends an email to everyone in the with a copy of what is in the section
Frog notification: Sends a Coda Notification to everyone in the with the Frog item whenever that item changes

Note that both of these automation rules are turned off by default so please configure them to suit your taste. And of course, please remove me from your notification list :)
Notification List
Add Person
Send Email
Send Email: 🐸 Today!
There are no rows in this table

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