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Why your company needs rituals: A Masters of Scale companion doc

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Virtual lunch

Encourage casual conversation across teams by installing a virtual water cooler.
In the , Reid and I talked about rituals for distributed workforces. Getting people together is a tried-and-true way of creating a certain level of mutual trust. But how do you replicate those rituals remotely?
Every office has a place (or two) where folks gather. Work isn’t just about work, and it’s easy for teams to feel like things are “all business.” Whether that place is actually a water cooler or the kombucha tap, people need a space to talk about something other than work. So how can you have fun as a team, in person or otherwise?
Remember, it's important to not over-prescribe fun. Some of our favorite traditions have spontaneously emerged as we encourage and support a culture of fun. Add a fresh topic below or join an existing conversation.
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