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Shishir's Guide to Performance Calibration Meetings
Post Meeting

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Post Meeting Followups

An automatically generated summary that can be emailed to the calibration group


Congratulations everyone, we successfully calibrated
employees! Here were our final distributions:

Top Performers

Here are our top performers who received an
@4: Strong
rating. We should watch carefully to make sure they are receiving maximal opportunities for growth.
@Georgeanna Gama  
@Callie Cottle  
@Raguel Rench  
@My Madere  
@Enoch Esquer  
@Mirella Marriner  
@Mitsuko Majeski  
@Dorla Depaul  
@Wyatt Warden  

Bottom Performers

And here are employees who received a
@1: NotMeets
rating. Managers should plan to have detailed discussions with each of these employees.
@Sharilyn Stayer  
@Gertrudis Garduno
@Fredric Freshour  
@Caroyln Campa  

Manager Followups

Here are the ratings for each manager. Please followup with each employee in your next 1:1.
Final Rating
Final Rating Comment
Georgeanna Gama  
4: Strong
Callie Cottle  
4: Strong
Raguel Rench  
4: Strong
My Madere  
4: Strong
Dorla Depaul  
4: Strong
Lashunda Lanasa  
3: Exceeds
Guy Garrow  
3: Exceeds
Santiago Salsbury  
3: Exceeds
Elsie Esters  
3: Exceeds
Petra Pursley  
3: Exceeds
Vanetta Vantrease  
3: Exceeds
Olympia Olveda  
2: Meets
Enoch Esquer  
4: Strong
Mirella Marriner  
4: Strong
Audrie Alkire  
3: Exceeds
Tashia Trader  
3: Exceeds
Lavinia Leiker  
3: Exceeds
Alton Allaire  
3: Exceeds
Marcus Mccreery  
3: Exceeds
Elenora Eddie  
3: Exceeds
Cherri Catledge  
3: Exceeds
Delaine Dames  
2: Meets
Sharilyn Stayer  
1: NotMeets
Gertrudis Garduno
1: NotMeets
Mitsuko Majeski  
4: Strong
Wyatt Warden  
4: Strong
Roscoe Rivero  
3: Exceeds
Deb Dagenhart  
3: Exceeds
Yoshiko Yeung  
3: Exceeds
Loraine Leverich  
3: Exceeds
Desire Dierks  
3: Exceeds
Gerald Garriga  
2: Meets
Cherlyn Cline  
2: Meets
Alphonso Alva  
2: Meets
Fredric Freshour  
1: NotMeets
Caroyln Campa  
1: NotMeets

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