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How to download your personal data from Instagram?

Own your memory on Instagram
Wang Jiannan


Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing social networking platform with 2 billion active users. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to download your data from Instagram so you own your memory.
Note that Instagram only lets you download a copy of your data in machine readable formats(HTML/JSON), so you would need another software to look back on these memories in a meaningful way. Good news is that the app provides an easy way to preserve digital memories across major social media platforms in one place. You also get to own 100% of your personal data on your local drive if you are not comfortable with big tech companies owning your most precious memory.
Downloading a copy of your data is a native functionality Instagram offers across platforms(iPhone, Android, and PC). You can follow along this or continue reading for a more visual guide.


Step 1:
Log into your Instagram account and click ‘More’ on the bottom left, then click ‘Settings’.
Note: In order to import your data into the app, please ONLY download data from the Instagram web version on your PC.

Step 2:
Click Privacy and security. Scroll down to Data download and click Request download.

Step 3:
Enter the email address where you'd like to receive a link to your data, choose JSON as the information format, then click Next.
Note: In order to import your data into , please ONLY choose JSON as the information format.

Step 4:
Enter your Instagram account password and click Request download.

Step 5:
You'll soon receive an email titled Your Instagram Data with a link to your data. Click Download data and follow the instructions to finish downloading your information.
This email typically arrives within a couple hours or several days. It should come from security@mail.instagram.com and has the title ‘Your Instagram information’. Please also check your spam folder if you can’t locate it.
If you follow along, you should have a copy of personal data that consists chats, photos, and videos with families and friends to look back on years later. If you are looking for a tool that helps you reminisce these memories easily in a beautiful view, please give a try.

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