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Interview Scheduling Queue by DoorDash

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Use this doc to help manage candidate interview schedule requests!

A smart way to schedule.

Scheduling and coordinating is always a challenge. Now enter DoorDash's world: rapidly expanding staff across new offices and needing to schedule lots and lots of interviews. So they've built a team of recruiting coordinators and an amazingly automated doc to streamline this process.
This is DoorDash's Scheduling Queue, brought to you by Shelby Romuk and Jake Lu.
So how does this thing work?

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you will add candidates to the request queue.
Unlike a spreadsheet, there's some magic in here. After filling out the person's interview details, press the Find Coordinator button and Coda will do some sweet BUSINESS LOGIC to find the best possible candidate for you.
Great, Shelby's our lady!

Coordinator Views

In the coordinator views, each coordinator can see which candidates they need to schedule for an interview.
Shelby sees Billy Bob come into her view. Time to find an opening for him. Once done, she presses the Scheduled! button and Billy Bob is on his way to join the team 👍


The team gets to see how they are performing and who's rocking it. Looks like it's a close competition.

Master Tables

Admin view of the coordinators. Allows you to adjust their settings and includes the logic for how Coda auto assigns them.
Tables that populate some drop downs like Office, Stage, and Status.

And it works beautifully on mobile!

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