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DWS Insights Library
What is this?
These are the best research studies related to B2B sales and marketing that I reviewed in September. My goal is to share interesting perspectives with context that helps you take action.
What are the studies about?
They highlight how drastically business has changed and strategies to adapt.
What’s included?
On each page you’ll find a link to the source, highlights from the studies, a few original notes, and visuals.
How can this be used?
This is a free resource. Feel free to share with friends and colleagues. Please credit original sources directly.
When do you publish?
New insights will be published in monthly batches.
How can I learn more?
You can sign up for email updates to receive news, insights, and analysis, and notifications when monthly batches are published. If you’re interested in receiving updates, please share your email below.
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Questions or feedback?
Thank you,
Shawn Kallet
CEO & Founder
DeepWater Strategies

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