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Meet the Team Page Template

A template to showcase your team, values, and open roles.

Showcase your team and company brand with a ‘Meet the Team’ page.

It’s easy to create beautiful and polished assets with Coda, and recruiting teams don’t need to wait on marketing and brand teams to create compelling recruiting collateral. Use this template to create and customize your own ‘Meet the Team’ page, and elevate your recruiting brand and candidate experience! See a live example

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As Hello’s product team, we're tasked with designing a product and brand that allows makers to create! The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, and we love the challenge of bridging the impossible with reality in our product and use case. We work across different focus areas at the company, and is a remote team of
located across NY, SF, and Austin.
Meet the team.
James Booth
Product Designer
Joel Davis
Product Designer
Maria Marquis
Product Manager
Mary Jones
Product Manager
Polly Rose
Head of Product

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