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Office Experience & Events Manager
Multi-site office locations
Employee Experience Programs & Events
Hybrid teams
Hey there! I came across your profile and noticed that you have a background in office experience and events management which is exactly what we're looking for at Coda. Our fully distributed team is in need of someone who can create a meaningful employee experience in our multi-site office locations and promote collaboration among our hybrid teams. Your experience in project and operational management, as well as your ability to translate between different stakeholders, would make you a great fit for this role. We're also excited to teach you how to use Coda, which we use in all areas of our work. If this sounds like a challenge you'd be interested in, we'd love to chat further. Check out our website at coda.io and let us know if you're interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity. Best, [Your Name]
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Software Engineer
Hybrid teams
Interesting product problem
Join the team that helped build some of the most widely-used technology products in the world! As a software engineer at Coda, you'll work on our backend systems, APIs, servers, and infrastructure. Our backend uses Node, Terraform, Redis, Elasticsearch, Postgres, and runs on Kubernetes in Amazon AWS. We're looking for someone who has experience in system design or performance optimization and loves programming with Node, Redis, or comparable technologies. You'll work with a stellar team of passionate, experienced engineers and product managers who have been instrumental in building some of the most widely-used technology products globally. Plus, we have hybrid teams and an interesting product problem. Let's chat!
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